Magic Box

Interactive Documentary(2009)

Magic Box melds 19th century illusionism with current technologies in the guise of a pre-cinema device. The box hangs from the ceiling with brass viewing tubes on either end. Peering inside the device, each participant watches a film that is completely invisible to the other viewer. At the same time they can see right through the box into each others eyes. Levers on the side of the box allow the participants to select which of four films they will view. If both move to the end position, their hands will touch.

Each film inside Magic Box depicts a different aspect of 19th century hope and confusion that emerging technologies might at last allow us to cross the life-death divide. For the participant, Magic Box creates an intimate interaction with a stranger to probe the dissonance between real and virtual human connection.

Magic Box has exhibited at the at the Shift Festival (Basel), 3LD Art & Technology Center and the ITP Spring Gallery.