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Alchemy of Light

Performance (2010)

Alchemy of Light melds 19th century illusionism with current interactive technologies to depict the life of the legendary magician Torrini as a parable from a time when our lives first became mediated by machines.

In the 19th century, Torrini, always at the forefront of technological development, was renowned for his astonishing illusions. One evening during a performance he accidentally killed his own child. He spent the rest of his life vainly struggling to conjure back his lost family. Alchemy of Light guides the audience through a series of 7 interactive installations which use live and virtual encounters with the Torrini family to explore the seduction and limits of technology.

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Alchemy of Light was developed through residencies at Here Arts Center (NYC), Digital Performance Institute and Squeaky Wheel. Work-in-progress showings were held at Here’s Culturemart and as part of LMCC’s Swing Space program. Funding from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Schindler Stiftung.