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Fiction Film (2000)
35mm • 25 Minutes • Color

Lays bare the growing pains of a
12 year old girl
-New York Times

There is an electric moment for girls as they leave behind the bold egoism of girlhood for the shaky dislocations of adolescence. Cusp is a fiction film created with a group of 11-12 year old girls hitting the wall of early adolescence.


Please also see Bruce, Belle.

Cusp premiered at New Directors/New Films (MoMA) and aired on IFC.

Additional screenings include Clermont-Ferrand (European Premiere) Women Make Waves (Asian Premiere), the UN (for the Special Session on Children) and dozens of other festivals worldwide.

Writer/Director: Ruth Sergel • Producers: Pamela Griffiths, Claudia Sidoti • Director of Photography: David Griffiths • Editor: Lora Zaretsky • Music: Michael Montes • Costume Design: Suzanne Kelly • Production Design: Paul Weathered • Line Producer: Susan Forrest • Title Design: Steve Tozzi

Alice: Sophie Mascatello • Mother: Marlene Forte • Eliza: Hannah Goldwater • Lila: Gina Maria Paoli • Becca: Audrey Gelman • PJ: Dylan Weathered • Sam: Jerry Hildebrandt • Lainey: Ashley Brichter • Candy Store Clerk: George Valencia • Candy Store Girl: Giselle Forte • Ring Vendor: Alex Furth • Happy Family: Kate, Seth & Lola Buncher • Screaming Couple: Elizabeth Canavan, Jared Shaw • Eliza’s Mother: Claudia Sidoti • Sam’s New Girlfriend: Aimee Gallin • Teacher: Beverly Crick • Kung Fu Boy: Brian Dolphin, Nicholas Forrest-Reynolds • School Kids: Elizabeth Aguilar, Eliot Aronson, Chris DeLoach, John DeLoach, Anna Gribetz, Kate Gribetz, Antonella Lentini, Francesca Lentini, Zach McDonald, Arianne Moore, Matt Moore, Claudia Maria Perez, Lucia Reynolds, Aliza Stone, Nick Turner