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what I am doing right now....

Spring 2015
NYC | Berlin

Hello All ~

This March is the 104th anniversary of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire which took the lives of 146 workers, many of them young immigrant women and girls.

March 25 we will hit the streets to inscribe in Chalk the names + ages of the Triangle workers in front of their former homes. If you would like to participate - drop me a line.

The manuscript of Fire Meets Fire my book about Chalk, the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition is in the hands of the wonderful editors at the University of Iowa Press. More news on that front soon!

See you in the streets!
- Ruth



Chalk (2004 - present)
Public Intervention

Gaza Ghetto

Gaza Ghetto (2014)
Public Intervention


Alice in Berlin (2012)
Interactive Installation

Voices of 9.11

Voices of 9.11
(2002-2003 | 2011)
Public Intervention

Uprising of 20000

Triangle Fire Coalition (2011)
Public Intervention


Alchemy of Light (2010)
Live Multi-Media Performance

one artist

$700 billion for the arts...
because we're too big to fail!
Public Intervention

Magic Box

Magic Box (2009)
Interactive Documentary


Ethel (2007)
Live Performance/Interactive Documentary

Turing Machine

Turing Machine (2007)
Interactive Documentary


Pisces Vorat Maior Minorem (2006)
Live Multi-Media Performance


Al (2005)
Interactive Documentary


Belle (2004)
Fiction Film


Cusp (2000)
Fiction Film


Bruce (1998)
Fiction Film